This item is handmade and is an old fashioned decorative tree on wood. It is made out of material and wood. The material has been modgepoded onto the wood. This item can he hanged on a wall. Pick up at Bedford Giant Eagle
Handmade dog bin with 3 holes for dog bowls. Top opens to store food, treats, etc.
$1 each. Can make upon request in any color. These are a great item to give as a gift or use yourself. You put your bar soap inside the opening, put your hand in the handle, and use it to scrub your body. This a great zero waste alternative to lufas and scrubies that get thrown away in a month or two anyway. They are washer and dryer safe and you can change them as often as you need/like to. Pl...
Get your festive out for Christmas with this handmade Christmas Decoration. " Believe" with your Christmas stocking and Santa will come! Pick up at Bedford Giant Eagle
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